Saturday, October 23, 2010

Update from Haiti on Cholera Crisis: >200 Deaths

Partners In Health - Crisis in Haiti

As Haiti grapples with the worst health crisis since the earthquake, the cholera situation remains uncertain, with the death toll topping 200, according to Haitian health officials on Saturday. Partners In Health is providing urgent care to the ill and mounting a massive community campaign to distribute soap and rehydration salts, and educate people about prevention. Our community health workers are traveling to the most affected areas in search of patients who need immediate treatment.

The outbreak is concentrated in the Lower Artibonite region northwest of Port-au-Prince, where Partners In Health operates three hospitals in partnership with Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population.

Click below for images from the outbreak and to read a full update from our staff in the field:

Click here to watch a slideshow of PIH's response to the cholera epidemic

A large concern is the geographic spread of the outbreak, and particularly the possibility of its spread to Port-au-Prince. In a call with reporters yesterday, PIH Chief Medical Officer Joia Mukherjee warned, "There's no reason to anticipate [cholera] wouldn't spread widely within Haiti.'' Thus far no confirmed cases have been reported in the capital city, and Haitian health officials and international groups are working desperately to contain the epidemic. We are posting news and media coverage to our website continuously and will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

Click below to see images from the Cholera outbreak in Haiti and read a full update:

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