Saturday, January 30, 2010

Living in the garage

On late night TV, Sigourney Weaver talked about how she lived in a tree while she was a student at Stanford University in Stanford, just next to Palo Alto, California.

Her jokes about how 'everyone was doing that sort of thing' reminded ME of MY college years living in an ELABORATELY-refurbished garage (in the SF Bay Area) with large picture window with thick lined pleated draperies, fancy door and doorstep, nicely shrubbed, with a private bathroom and three walls lined with bookcases filled with my textbooks and other books.  

My faithful Redstone House Noah, who waited in the mint patch for me to return from the university, slept at night at the foot of my bed.  My best friend parked his camper van in the driveway in front and drew electricity from my garage apartment, and the two of us farmed backyard and made a lush organic garden on land that had once been a highly-productive farm on a mountaintop, with clear views of the San Francisco Bay and the Peninsula, and the roadlway down the steep mountainside curving into the neighboring mountain.

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